Tickets are $2 each; 3 for $5; 8 for $10 or 20 for $20. These may be purchased at our Raffle Table located to the left of the DJ (look for signs). Raffle prizes will be drawn at approx. 12 midnight. At the raffle tables you will find the Haunted Houses to place your tickets in and a sheet stating a list of contents. The actual items will be safely secured on site. Please place your tickets in the haunted house provided for the item you are looking to win before midnight. We are not responsible for late entries or tickets not used in time. If the winner is absent at the time of the draw, he / she still wins as the winning numbers and / or names will be posted on this website on Wednesday October 31st. (please click "Winners" tab below after that date). All prizes not claimed by Fri Nov 16th will be auctioned off at another event with proceeds going to this United Way Campaign.
All Proceeds go to the Peterborough UNITED WAY